Hawaii-based urgent care clinic introduces high-quality telemedicine services to patients seeking medical help

Urgent Care Hawaii is an urgent care provider with four clinics across Honolulu. Their commitment to providing urgent and primary care services is reflected through their policies, services, and other work the company offers.

Among the many services they offer, including treatment for heartburn, allergies, injuries, join pain, STIs, rashes, and much more, the clinics also offer immunization against influenza, MMR, Hepatitis A and B, and tetanus.

Additionally, they provide clients with a testing facility for several in-house and send-out tests, including strep testing, urine analysis, mono screen, and blood bounds, liver and renal function, and more.

Continuing with their commitment to primary and urgent healthcare provision, they are offering patients a chance to book a telemedicine appointment online and avoid the risk that comes with an in-person or walk-in consultation. Unless emergency services or scenarios arise, patients can easily reach out to doctors on call for their concerns and problems, ranging from mild to severe issues, including rashes, vomiting, UTIs, certain infections, etc.

The process of booking appointments has been streamlined to allow patients a chance at finding a convenient slot for themselves, as well as maintaining social distance.

CEO Donna Schmidt expands on Urgent Care Hawaii’s dedication to patient management and safety, saying, “We’re in the middle of a unique predicament. On the one hand, we’re trying to stay committed to our patients who rely on us for various services and needs, but on the other, we want to ensure their safety. Our state-of-the-art setups are intended for primary care and urgent health issues, but many of them can be addressed through detailed virtual interactions. Telemedicine is the future, and this pandemic has propelled us decades ahead.”

The clinics are located in Waikiki, Pearl City, Kapolei, and Kailua, and come fully equipped with service areas and lab facilities to offer patients a complete service experience. Members of their team have been in the industry for 25 years and counting.

About the Company

Urgent Care Hawaii is a locally-owned and operated company in the industry since 2011. They have four clinics across Hawaii, including in Waikiki and Pearl City. Their clinics offer a range of technological and medical innovations, including state-of-the-art equipment and communication methods that connect patients and practitioners. They also offer lab testing and a full-service x-ray suite next to their clinics.

Contact Information

Telehealth appointment: https://www.solvhealth.com/book-online/gQNl70

Locations: http://ucarehi.com/walk-in-clinic-2/