Medical director Dr. Pani Shoja checks a patient’s blood pressure at Urgent Care Hawaii’s Kailua location with assistance from Nicole Namdar ANTHONY CONSILLIO PHOTO

Urgent Care Hawaii Walk In Clinics Medical director Dr. Pani Shoja checks a patient’s blood pressure at Urgent Care Hawaii’s Kailua location with assistance from Nicole Namdar

Locally-owned and operated since 2011

Urgent Care Hawaii Walk-in Clinics – Kailua, Waikiki, Pearl City, Kapolei – Urgent Care Hawaii has state-of-the-art technology to keep in touch with your primary care physician. We offer basic lab services, a full service digital X-ray suite for chest X-rays and injuries (Pearl City Location), and a procedure room. Walk-ins welcome. No Appointment Necessary.

Our Mission

We serve our community by providing a friendly family environment to promote the healing of the body and mind while developing a lasting relationship with our patients.

Urgent Care Hawaii Walk-in Clinics Philosophy of Care

Urgent Care Hawaii walk in clinics provide convenient, customer focused urgent care so that you can get the immediate medical care you need when you need it. Our 4 locations are state-of-the-art urgent care facilities. We provide infant, pediatric, adult and geriatric care.

The moment you walk in the door, you’ll notice that this is not the typical emergency or lab waiting room. We have created a comfortable, soothing environment to help patients feel embraced in a healing environment. Your stress level will lessen and you’ll feel more at ease as our staff guides you to get the immediate medical care you need.

Our staff shares similar core values that drive us to bring the best of who we are to work every day. These values include: a respect and consideration for others, honesty and integrity. It means compassion and kindness for all.

We are committed to excellence. The difference is the way we care!

  • You need an alternative to the emergency room. We are here for you!
  • You want quality and convenience. We are centrally located and are open seven days a week.
  • Donna Schmidt and Pani ShojaOur highly skilled team treats a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. See the list of common services we provide.
  • By focusing on value and education, we help reduce the costs of health care so we can pass the savings along to you, our patients.
  • We understand how stressful life can be when illness or injuries come up, and we offer a comforting atmosphere where patients are in and out as fast as possible. Our staff is dedicated to taking the best possible care of our customers.
  • We truly care about the families and communities we serve, and are officially recognized for our many contributions.

We offer X-ray, labs and a host of other diagnostic tests on site, which means most patients are in and out in an hour.

Urgent Care Hawaii Walk-in Clinics – UCAOA Certified

UCAOA Accreditation
UCAOA Accreditation encompasses a customized focus on the nuances and uniqueness of the industry. UCAOA offers the only existing urgent care accreditation that not only recognizes the more traditional processes associated with quality and safety, but also the scope of services provided.

Through the UCAOA Accreditation, a facility demonstrates that it has met nationally standardized criteria to provide high level care and achieved excellence in the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Patient Care Processes
  • Physical Environment
  • Quality Improvement
  • Health Record Management
  • Patient Privacy/Rights/Responsibilities
  • Scope of Care

Urgent Care Hawaii has a Licensed Physician on site during all posted hours of operation. We accept walk in patients of all ages with a broad spectrum of illness, injury and disease during all hours that we are open.

The following must be available during all posted hours of operation for the facility:

  • X-ray on site
  • Phlebotomy services on site

Licensed provider on site with the appropriate state licenses and resources to:

  • Obtain and read an EKG and X-ray on site
  • Administer PO, IM & IV medication/fluids on site
  • Perform minor procedures (ex. sutures, cyst removal, incision & drainage, splinting) on site

The following equipment, and staff trained in its use:

  • Automated external defibrillator (AED) (or more advanced device)
  • Oxygen, ambu bag/oral airway
  • Drug cart stocked appropriately for patient population (as determined by the facility)
  • Working phone to dial 911
  • At least two exam rooms, separate waiting area and restricted access patient restrooms
  • Minimum hours of operation (must meet all three criteria)
  • 7 days/week (not including national holidays)
  • 4+ hours each day
  • 3000 hours per year